Wing Chun has given me many things. First of all is Self Defence, which was one of the reasons for why I decided to train in the martial arts. I did not like being intimidated and Wing Chun has helped me get over that. Upon achieving this it has opened my mind to a lot of things and taken me in some new directions. For example, I recently completed a Diploma in remedial massage which has taught me more about health and healing. I look at my training as a long term goal and hopefully one day set up a school of my own. Training in Wing Chun gives you greater self confidence, motivates you and challenges you mentally and physically. It can also be relaxing. I chose this particular system in my belief that it is very creative and well structured and lays the foundations for a high attainment of skill. I do believe that i have a very good teacher, which gives me a lot of inspiration to constantly emulate his teachings. You never stop learning in this art, which makes it such a great system.


Wing Chun, namely John Brixey’s Yong Chun Pai Kung Fu, has become one of the most important facets of my life over the past 5 years of training. I first started training Wing Chun due to an interest in learning to defend myself and as a way of improving my health and fitness. My experience of this system impressed me from the start with its close quarter fighting style and application of yin-yang theory. The need in martial arts to maintain flexibility and balance has appealed to me as i always had fairly stiff muscles. Training Wing Chun has improved my balance, flexibility and coordination, while also influencing my mind to explore other, complementary ideas such as health, relaxation and spirituality. The well rounded curriculum includes the use of hand and leg training as well as the use of weapons. This is a complete self defence and exercise system that balances the body by cooperating internal breath and external movement. Training has given me more motivation towards my daily life and in my work. The philosophy of yin and yang helps find balance in real life situations and problem solving, which can help in verbal, conflict resolution scenarios and helps me stay calm and balanced. I have made new friends and formed lasting relationships through the Yong Chun Pai school. I hope that this system of Wing Chun will continue to allow me to develop my skill to ever higher levels and further find balance in life. I find that training Wing Chun has challenged me greatly and i know it will continue to offer me challenges through the pursuit of skill for years to come. It is my intention that i pass on what i have learnt to others in order to allow this highly effective kung fu system to flourish


Sifu John’s Wing Chun class is the best form of self-improvement mode I have yet experienced. The art is so much more than just a very effective self-defence and combat system. The combination of mind and body techniques, along with the opportunity to greatly increase one’s understanding and utilisation of the structure and mechanics of the human body, make this style most valuable in all aspects of life. The Sifu has facilitated greater strength, flexibility, agility, patience, understanding, confidence and discipline in my life through all areas from surfing to business dealings. His vast ability in many forms, along with his patient and nurturing nature make him a very effective and approachable teacher and guide. Sifu John presents his skills and knowledge to his students and offers them the opportunity to make as little or as much of them as they will. He offers all students the avenues to reach their full potential both physically and spiritually if they so choose. I cannot recommend Sifu john’s school highly enough for people of all ages and abilities who want to improve their lives by gaining a better understanding of their minds and bodies and how they can be utilised for benefit in all areas of life.