The Butterfly knife is introduced in our Yong Chun training
curriculum, before the student commences study of the dummy

The short broadsword movements compounds the Yong
Chun footwork/handwork through a series of basic exercises and
proficiency must be demonstrated in the basic exercises before
the student can commence study of the knife form.

Our training does consist of a tailor made knife to the measurement
of the practitioner/student, to enhance the students learning curve and
proficiency in understanding of this weapon.

Short Broad Sword Uses:

Plucking, Slicing. Hooking, Chopping, Cutting, Stabbing and Sweeping.

The study of Long Pole commences at the yellow sash level, which is achieved after approximately one year of Yong Chun training depending on training commitment.

Our school has two long pole forms, a sticky pole 6 ? point form
and a Combat Form, which incorporates the 6 ? point pole with higher
level footwork and the use of the long pole tail and sweeping long pole.

Training in the Long Pole delivers to the Yong Chun student further
stance and projection energy/jing training and serves to further enhance
and complement the Yong Chun skills already instilled within the student.

Long Pole uses:

Sweeping, Striking, Slapping, Hooking, Thrusting and Stabbing.

The Muk Yan Jong form is performed against a “wooden dummy”,
a thick wooden post with three arms and a leg mounted on a slightly springy frame
representing a stationary human opponent.

Although representative of a human opponent, the dummy is not a physical
representation of a human, but an energetic one.

Wooden dummy practice aims to refine a practitioner’s understanding of angles,
positions, and footwork, and to develop full body power.

It is here that the open hand forms are pieced together and understood as a whole.

Dummy Training  (8 section)


Presentation of the aims/goals of Y.C.P dummy training


Adherence to the skill bases of the Y.C.P system


Develop, refine & hone all Y.C.P excellence of skills