I commenced martial arts training via Tae-Kwon-Do, in the mid 1970s, and found on a personal level, it was not what I was seeking. After a four year investment.I had heard about Yong Chun Kung Fu (Wing Chun) I knew of no one who was teaching its skills. When I happened to answer an advertisement in a local newspaper for persons interested to a Kung Fu Introduction at a center in Balgowlah.

The time frame was now 1979, even though this gentleman was not teaching at the time he turned out to be a Yong Chun exponent, and an instructor of futsan yong chun kung fu. I stayed with this man for the next ten years until I resigned my affiliation with the Group to venture on my own path. This has been a rewarding journey of Yong Chun skill, and People of note.

I have not only stayed in Yong Chun but have experienced other skill levels of other disciplines. The diversity and the adaptability of Yong Chun is my habit, and I have concentrated all my energies to it’s skill and of southern Shaolin of which Yong Chun is based.


18+ Years Experience

At the age of 15 I started Iron Body Kung Fu and I stayed with this system for about a year. Things changed as they do and I found myself looking for a new school. I found a Southern Shaolin school where I stayed with the instructor for roughly 5 years, again things changed and I started looking for something more. I fatefully stumbled onto a well established Wing Chun school in Newport instructed by Laoshi John Brixey. At first I found it funny to look at, and I had no understanding of its close range uses. As I had some fairly successful full contact fighting under my belt, I asked my instructor some physical combat questions and they where more than answered, leaving me with the realisation that I didn’t know much at all except how to train hard and look fancy. So I put faith in my Laoshi, put my head down emptied my cup and will never look back.

I have found training here to be a stimulating wealth of health and knowledge, a beautiful journey rich with flawless insights. Yong Chun Pai has taught me much and given me the freedom to go from trusting to understanding. This is what I was looking for, I just didn’t even know enough to even grasp the simple yet complex nature of good Kung Fu. My Laoshi tells me the journey up can be very different but the view from the top is the same. I have found this school to be a system that if you stay long enough and listen carefully you will have more than a skill, you will have the a ability to discern what skill is and what it’s made up of.


My interest in Yong Chun started around October 1999, when I was introduced by an old friend of my father, who told my brother and I about his teacher of some years up on Sydney’s northern beaches. After meeting Laoshi John, his attitude, personality and methods made a deep impression that compelled me to begin on this journey of Kung Fu.

My exposure to the martial arts, started early in life, through my father’s involvement with Japanese martial arts. This provided an influence which resulted in all east Asian culture, philosophy and especially martial arts resonating deeply with me. This interest would not eventuate in a serious pursuit for numerous years until the right moment presented itself in 1999. I believe that I found Laoshi John when I was ready to learn and needed to change my life. This path has led me on a trajectory of personal development incorporating not only Kung Fu, but in the fields of nutrition, movement, fitness, meditation and philosophy.

Through practice and dedication over the past 18 years, I now find myself in a position to be able to pass on Yong Chun Pai to others and expand the Yong Chun teachings into Sydney’s southern suburbs. I provide tuition in Yong Chun Pai according to the curriculum and high standards of Laoshi John and offer a teaching style that gives practical explanation and applications of the high level theory.