About Us

Brief History Summary:

The Australasian Yong Chun Pai commenced training in May of 1989 in the hall above the beautiful Whale Beach Surf Club which is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We were based there till 1994 when we re-located to the Newport Womens bowling club and continued training there until the school out grew the premises.

Yong Chun Pai was then re-established in 1998 at Avalon Beach scout hall (Avalon Annexe) and continues to practice there to this present day. Operating three nights a week we are welcoming and open to all new comers and interested students of other martial arts.

The Australasian Yong Chun Pai Kung Fu Alliance is well established in the area and provides regular informative and interesting demonstrations in and around Sydney. We are proud supporters of the Avalon market day which is held on a yearly basis on the main streets on Avalon, these demonstrations are always very well received and supported by the local community.

Laoshi John Brixey and many of the students have travelled to mainland areas of China under the guidance of Laoshi John and have completed training modules with many traditional and recognised international Chinese schools and martial arts practitioners.

"No leg no hand
No hinge no center
No center no strike
Soft hands hit hard"
Laoshi John R Brixey