Southern Sydney Wing Chun Opens

Southern Sydney Wing Chun Summary:

Until now, the Australasian Yong Chun Pai Kung Fu Alliance has been based in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Now, tuition in this effective martial art is offered in the Sutherland Shire by Sifu Ben Latta, a highly skilled instructor, with over 18 years experience in this art form. The art of Yong Chun Pai (Cantonese as Wing Chun) has deep roots in the Shaolin Kung Fu training and is a true Chinese martial art. It is one of the most effective and efficient martial arts.
Wing Chun is both an “internal” and “external” system, combining “hard” and “soft” elements. Integral to the purpose of the system is the ability to overcome an opponent who is stronger by using skill rather than strength. Characteristics are its close quarter application and focus on the centre line. Both hand and leg may be used simultaneously.

Class curriculum consists of:
  • Self discipline
  • Self defence
  • Space management
  • Simultaneous leg & hand transactions, close quarter combat techniques.
  • Footwork Sticky Hands Chin-na (locks, grabs, pressure points and take-downs)
  • Forms and their real world applications
  • Theory & Practice in Yong Chun and martial arts
  • Qi-gong (energy & breath work)
  • Iron Palm Strength and flexibility
  • Weapons – defence against weapons as well as training in double sticks, long pole and double butterfly knives (advanced level only).

The curriculum also comprises of forms, drills, two-man sets, forms, take downs, sparring.
A complete martial arts system that is unlike any other in southern Sydney!

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"No leg no hand
No hinge no center
No center no strike
Soft hands hit hard"
Laoshi John R Brixey