Wing Chun Australia

Wing Chun Kung Fu on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia

The Australasian Yong Chun Pai (Wing Chun in Mandarin) Kung Fu Alliance is the oldest established Wing Chun School on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our principal John Brixey established the School in 1989, over twenty years ago and continues to lead the school to this very day.
sifu john ready stance

Practical & Effective Self Defence

Established curriculum taught from White to Black Sash


One on One Training with Laoshi John

Weekends and weekday times available – contact us to find out more


Learn Traditional Wing Chun Weapons

Butterfly Knife (Bart Jarm-Dao) & Six and Half Point Long Pole (Luk Dim Boon Gwun)

Wing Chun Kung Fu Southern Sydney Opens!

The Australasian Yong Chun Pai Kung Fu Alliance has begun a new chapter in the southern area of Sydney. With over 14 years Wing Chun Kung Fu experience Instructor Sifu Ben Latta will be teaching Southern Style Yong Chun Pai (Wing Chun) to all students.

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Northern Beaches Kung Fu – Defence against common attacks video

This video demonstrates Laoshi John Brixey and various high level students defending against common attacks.


Northern Beaches Kung Fu – Photography

View our gallery of selected images of students training


"No leg no hand
No hinge no center
No center no strike
Soft hands hit hard"
Laoshi John R Brixey