Classes & Times

Class Structure & Times:

All Adult Classes are structured for students from novice to high grade levels all novice students are allocated a higher grade student to mentor and assist them with their learning of Yong Chun theoretics and the physical applications. During the two man/woman sets there is exposure for all levels to integrate their skills and improve their understandings. This formula lends itself to the entire Yong Chun curriculum. (including weapon play)

Avalon Northern Beaches Wing Chun Kung Fu

Please turn up approximately 15 minutes before class begins to sign in and say hello
Tuesday, Wednesdays 6:30 pm till 8:00 pm $20 per lesson casual class & monthly direct deposit available
* Warmup
* Solo and two man interactive sets leg/hand
* Forms all grades
* Sparring (all levels above yellow)
* Yong chun long pole & training forms
* Meditation – finish class

Southern Sydney Wing Chun Kung Fu

Thursday’s 7:30 pm till 09:00 pm, Price $30 due to small class (semi private) environment 
* Warm up
* Solo footwork and handwork sets
* Two-man sets and applications
* Forms
* Warm down / meditation – finish class
"No leg no hand
No hinge no center
No center no strike
Soft hands hit hard"
Laoshi John R Brixey